Fees Structure for MMS-I -A.Y - 2018-2019

Tuition fees Rs. 1,27,000 (per annum) as approved by the Fee Regulating Authority + Other charges (As per University fees structure)

India is home to more than three thousand management institutes. Of these, only a few B schools can boast of imparting education of excellent quality, churn out leaders, and hence are worth joining. Given the large number of institutes, especially with their boastful claims (genuine and otherwise), it is difficult for a student to make the right decision regarding the selection of an institute. That the definition of a 'top B-School' varies between people and across years makes matters greatly complicated. Throw in into this mix is the fact that a lot of B-Schools make exaggerated claims and we have an extremely complex situation that makes it difficult to make the right decision. To be able to cut through the clutter and identify these 'top B-Schools', it is necessary that one understands the key parameters to be used to evaluate and differentiate between B-Schools so that one can arrive at a consideration set of schools that they can apply to.